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Informatiq comes to London

We're excited to announce the launch of our London office.

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About the company

Since our foundation towards the end of 1994, our mission has been simply to offer the most effective and ethical conduit between blue-chip corporate IT users and high calibre job applicants. Based on a fundamental belief in honesty and integrity, we endeavour to exchange information in an accurate, trustworthy and timely manner.

Here at Informatiq we enjoy recruitment, placing high priority on fundamentals: guiding candidates towards appropriate, worthwhile careers, whilst offering employers access to the very best new recruits.
Our refreshing approach to the industry has won us many friends. We now represent some of the worlds most successful organisations on a preferred supplier, sole supplier or master-vendor basis. Dozens of candidates who we have placed, now function as "hiring managers", enjoying Informatiq's service from a client perspective, having already experienced it as a candidate.

This unique positioning enables us to refine and develop our services, both to facilitate natural evolution and to ensure that we always satisfy the demands of the most discerning participants in the recruitment market.
Conscious that big is not always beautiful, but equally aware of the ramifications of client globalisation, we actively control our growth in line with client expectations - in terms of both quality and delivery. Aided by input from some of the world's most able business consultants, we are developing Informatiq to mirror the recruitment functions of some of the most enlightened global corporations. Hence the individuals you will encounter at Informatiq will be HR-focused professionals with a knowledge of their specific market places which is both technically detailed and industry-wide.

We think you'll find them a pleasure to deal with.

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